Announcing The 2021 Recommended Station of The Year!

Last month I held my first annual Recommended Station of The Year Contest and I asked readers to vote for their favorite Internet radio station based on the stations I have recommended to date. The more than 400 responses I received far exceeded my expectations considering my website was brand new.

Photo by Peter Skiera.

Voters did not have it easy. There were dozens of superb Recommended Stations on the ballot, but there can only be one winner. Congratulations to Classic KABL Radio, The 2021 Recommended Station of The Year, as voted by its listeners worldwide. Having amassed 69.93% of the vote, the overwhelming support KABL received from its loyal listeners is, like its programming, truly impressive. If you want to find out more about this great station, read last month’s Recommended Stations blog article that includes KABL.      

Although there is no runner up, for your information, Trucker’s Radio USA (TRUSA) came in second, followed by WLVN and Seeburg 1000 Background Music.  

On winning the award, Tony Onorad, Program Director of KABL radio said, “KABL is honored and extremely grateful to receive this listener-based 2021 Recommended Station of the Year award! Dedicated to streaming America’s Best Music, KABL breathes San Francisco’s rich and colorful history in the air – everywhere! We congratulate our award-winning mentor and announcer, Professor Bill Moen; Sunday host Trish Bell; and streaming founder David Jackson. Thank you for this most high honor!”

Former KABL personality Bill Moen wrote me to express his thanks “for recognizing that Radio does, still, have an audience. Of course, to David Ferrell Jackson for putting KABL on the Internet, years ago, to Tony Onorad and his crew for reviving it this past summer and programming it so superbly but, most of all, to those who have listened for the past SIXTY years and to those newcomers, around the world. And, finally, to the inspiration and reason for it ALL. . .San Francisco, the only American city that can be compared to Paris, not in its history or its size but in that indefinable thing that can take your breath away. . .charm.”

Support Your Station

Thank you very much to everyone who voted. Regardless of whether you voted for KABL or not, please consider making a donation to your favorite listener-supported Internet radio station to help them continue streaming the great programming that made them a Recommended Station to start with.

As you may know, when I select a station to be a Recommended Station, I do not do so at random. I do a lot of searching and listening, trying to find a station that stands out and has an interesting backstory. Being named a Recommended Station is a great achievement in itself. All of the stations included on the ballot are superb stations worthy of an audition.

Thank You!

I also want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to those of you who signed up as a monthly Recommended Station Patreon supporter in advance of the first Recommended and Hitchhiker Stations. Thank you so much for your invaluable support and for sharing my enthusiasm for Internet radio. However, much more support is needed to cover expenses so please consider supporting via Patreon for just $1/month (not $1/day or $1/week) if you have yet to sign up. The money will help keep going. Remember, Patreon will be the only way to access my monthly Recommended Station and Hitchhiker Station (they will not be posted on the free blog). October’s Recommended and Hitchhiker Stations will be posting to my Patreon page in just a few hours from now.

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Stop searching. Start listening.

Peter Skiera

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