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On January 1st of this year, I officially launched my own Internet radio station, Wind Chime Radio- Music powered by the wind. Although I do not have to pay music royalties because my station does not play commercial music, I do have to pay a company to stream my station and provide me with the tools and support to program it. As exciting as it is to have my very own Internet station, it means another expense in addition to operating my website and blog. Now more than ever I could really use your support.


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In order to help fund my website and blog content, I started a Patreon campaign and asked RecommendedStations.com readers to contribute $1 a month…about the cost to buy me a cup of coffee once a month. It actually might be cheaper than a cup of coffee depending on where you buy your coffee! In return, I give supporters access to my monthly Recommended and Hitchhiker Stations posted only on Patreon as well as occasional exclusive articles. Some Creators on Patreon ask for $60 or more a month! I feel bad enough just asking for a buck. In my case, that $1 translates to less than 3.5 cents a day. It is the lowest contribution amount Patreon allows. Frankly, fund raising is the worst part about doing this, but it is necessary if I want to keep this expensive hobby of mine going without emptying what little I have left in my savings.


The IRS allows deductions only if one’s blog is profitable and the blogger relies on it for income. My blog is not profitable and I cannot depend on it for income, therefore, the IRS considers it a hobby, not a business. Hobby-related expenses are not tax deductible.


Unlike some other sites or blogs, I do not plaster my website with advertising, I do not earn a commission if you buy something I blog about, I do not accept payment or other compensation in return for making a station “Recommended”, and no person, station, or company sponsors my articles. I also do not receive free tickets, CDs, or other goods or services. I pay the same full price you would pay and everything is paid for out of my own pocket. This allows me to keep my voice objective and independent, but it comes at a cost…literally.


Why do it if it costs me? Simple. It’s because I love radio and music. They are my passions. Having my own Internet station and writing about radio and music brings me joy. Unfortunately, they also bring me bills. My hope is to recover at least some of these costs through Patreon. I am not looking to get rich, but I am also not looking to end up in the poor house. My goal for 2022 is to add two new Patreon supporters every month. That will not cover all of my expenses, but it is a good start. You can help be spreading the word about RecommendedStations.com and Wind Chime Radio via social media or however you choose. Positive word of mouth is the best kind of advertising.


Over the past 3 months my RecommendedStations.com blog has featured articles on strange holiday music, holiday Internet stations, a tour of sites made famous by Prince, and exclusive interviews with The Golddiggers and composer Paul Zaza. Moreover, I have recommended a half dozen stand out Internet stations on Patreon and uncovered as many Hitchhiker Stations. Even if you have only glanced at a few of my articles, you can easily see the enormous amount of research I pour into each one. I am not interested in quickly crank out fluff pieces that that take 2 minutes to read.

I Ask But I Also Give

I ask for support, but I think it’s important for you to know I put my own money where my mouth is. Over the last five years or so, I’ve backed 37 different Creator campaigns on the two largest crowd funding platforms on the web, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to the tune of over $4,000. I know the importance of supporting people with cool ideas.

NEW FOR 2022

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I am very excited to bring you a New Year of great Recommended Stations, strange Hitchhiker Stations, interesting blog articles and interviews, and maybe even a fun contest or two. I cannot promise to be able to do it every month, but starting this month, I am going to try to post two Recommended Stations per month on Patreon instead of one. The first will be posted at the start of the month and the second will be posted later on in the month when possible. This year I will also be debuting two new “pop up” series on my RecommededStations.com blog called “Album Spotlight” and “Radio Replay”. Each Album Spotlight will mostly focus on a vintage album, while Radio Replay will look back at old Recommended and Hitchhiker Stations and what has changed since I first wrote about them.

If you have enjoyed any of the stations I have recommended over the years, enjoyed my blog articles, discovered the comfort of my new Internet station, Wind Chime Radio, or just want to help support my mission, I hope you will consider “buying me a cup of coffee.”  

As always, thank you for being a loyal reader, and for your support. Happy New Year.

Peter Skiera

Stop Searching. Start Listening.

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