There are two ways you can help support my website blog and Wind Chime Radio Internet station.

The primary method of support is through Patreon. Patreon is an American subscription platform designed to help support artists and content creators and their ideas.

You can become a Recommended Stations Supporter through Patreon by clicking on the Patreon logo below. Patreon is the only way to access my Recommended and Hitchhiker Stations every month and get exclusive blog content. Your support will help defray costs related to running my add-free website, blog, and commercial-free Internet radio station. My Internet station alone costs $25/month to stream.

Support is just $1 (less than 3.5 center a day) and is the lowest subscription tier Patreon allows. You can cancel your support any time.

The alternative is PayPal. If you would like to help but would rather not set up a Patreon account and make monthly contributions, you can make a one-time contribution via PayPal.Me. You won’t get access to my Patreon posts but you will be helping support my blog. Note PayPal will charge a fee if you use a credit or debit card or send money from overseas.

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Peter Skiera

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