Every fall I remove my three aluminum wind chimes (small, medium, and large sizes) from my deck to store them in my shed in order to protect them from the winter winds and harsh elements. This means living without their soothing sounds for a good 6 months until better weather settles in. Every winter I find myself missing their familiar sounds.

None of the Hits, None of the Time

Not long ago, I came up with the idea to start my own Internet radio station to stream the sounds of my wind chimes. I searched on the Internet and could not find a free, commercial-free, Internet radio station that solely played wind chimes. I was astounded that out of 62,000+ Internet radio stations in the database I checked, not one streamed wind chimes (a different aggregator’s directory had a few stations that mixed chimes with nature sounds or just one chime only, not multiple chimes). So, on Christmas Day of 2021, I began streaming my own station- Wind Chime Radio- Music Powered by The Wind.

This Station Blows

I recorded my wind chimes in stereo using a Blue Yeti microphone. I did not make the chimes move artificially, but let the wind do its thing naturally. I also recorded them outside where they normally hang, as I wanted the recordings to be as realistic as possible. Accordingly, you will occasionally hear other outdoor sounds in the background like a dog barking, a car driving by, seagulls, a plane flying overhead, and of course, the wind blowing against the microphone. You will also sometimes hear nothing at all because the wind was not always blowing hard enough to set the chimes in motion. I made multiple recordings of my chimes in various combinations, so one can listen to Wind Chime Radio for hours without hearing the same recording twice.

Wind Chime Radio is on the air. Photo by Peter Skiera.

All Wind Chimes, All the Time

Wind chimes are musical instruments played by Mother Nature. Some believe they emit positive energy and have a healing effect on the mind and body. In my own life, they help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Play Wind Chime Radio while doing yoga, meditation, napping, cleaning the house, painting, reading a book (do people still do that?), or sitting on your patio. The recordings are so accurate you will swear the chimes are right near you. Wind Chime Radio is also the ideal station to play in waiting rooms, spas, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, cafes, bookstores and gift shops, hotel lobbies, nurseries, etc. Chimes also help mask unwanted sounds such as traffic and general office noise, and there will not be arguments from those who do not like the songs. Even if you already own wind chimes, play WCR to supplement the sounds of your own chimes. Here’s a tip- Set your Internet radio’s alarm to Wind Chime Radio and gently wake to the peaceful sound of wind chimes! Wherever and whenever you listen, I hope you enjoy my unique station- Wind Chime Radio: Music Powered by The Wind.

Help Support WCR
If you enjoy Wind Chime Radio, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter for $1/month (less than 3.5 cents a day!) to help keep my station on the air. If you’re already a Recommended Stations supporter, please consider upping your contribution to include support for my station.

Thank you in advance for your support and peaceful listening!

If you cannot find Wind Chime Radio on your Internet Radio or favorite Internet station app, ask the station aggregator to add WCR to their directory by providing this streaming URL: http://stream.zeno.fm/vtu3kxhdakhvv

Click here to play Wind Chime Radio

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