A Zeno.FM Station“>Wind Chime Radio is my Internet radio station playing the actual sounds of my tubular metal wind chimes as moved naturally by the wind. Think of them as Mother Nature’s musical instruments.

Wind chimes make the perfect background for yoga, meditation, reading, household chores, or simply relaxing. My station is also ideal for waiting rooms, nursing homes, hotel lobbies, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, and more.

Streaming since 2021 in the superior AAC audio codec, you’ll think these chimes are hanging right outside your window.

You’ll also occasionally hear the custom WCR jingle composed and beautifully harmonized by the New Randy Van Horne Singers from California.

If you can’t get WCR on your Internet radio and it supports adding station links, cut and paste this link to hear Wind Chime Radio on your Internet radio: http://stream.zeno.fm/vtu3kxhdakhvv

Turn on, tune in, and drop out with Wind Chime Radio any time of the year.


A Zeno.FM Station


Nantasket Sounds

Welcome to Hull, MA. Photo by Peter Skiera.

If you’ve ever been to Hull, MA, Nantasket Sounds is sure to bring back memories. If you’ve never been, my Internet station just might temp you!

Hull is home to three beaches…Nantasket, Crescent, and Gun Rock, with Nantasket being the largest of the three. You’ll hear sounds from two of those beaches as well as the historic carousel organ, the annual town carnival, and the Nantasket Avenue video arcade.

Some of you might remember legendary Paragon Park that operated in Hull from 1905 to 1984 after the family-owned amusement park was sold for its land due to the high cost of insurance. Its carousel, with its 66 hand-carved wooden horses, was built in 1928 and is still in operation today, as is its original Wurlitzer #146-B Band Organ. I personally recorded the organ as well as the other sounds you’ll hear on Nantasket Sounds.

Like Wind Chime Radio, Nantasket Sounds streams in stereo in the superior AAC audio codec for the ultimate in sound quality.

Let Nantasket Sounds bring the sounds of summer in Hull, MA to your ears.

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