Here are some publications Recommended Stations has appeared in:

The Worldwide Listening Guide 11th Edition 2024

For the second time, Recommended Stations is endorsed by The Worldwide Listening Guide by John Figliozzi in his 11th Edition published in 2024. The WWL Guide “explains radio listening in all of today’s formats:  ‘live’, on-demand, podcast, terrestrial, satellite, Internet, digital, analog, AM, FM, shortwave and WiFi. Here is a comprehensive guide to what can be heard how, where and when…It discusses in detail, the many ways a listener can dial into programs using their computers, WiFi radios, traditional shortwave sets, and more.”

About Recommended Stations, the Guide states, “With the number of worldwide radio stations streaming over the Internet numbering well over 100,000 and increasing all the time, it is a near impossibility for a listener to keep up with what’s there and what’s good without some help. Recognizing a challenge when he hears one, Skiera attentively curates an online project called Recommended Stations…Recommended Stations is highly recommended.”


December 12, 2023

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December 7, 2023

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November 2023

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