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People recommend all sorts of things…cars, movies, records, books, etc. With over 60,000 free Internet radio stations streaming from all over the world, why isn’t someone recommending Internet stations? That’s where I come in. Sifting through a data base to find stations you like can be time consuming and frustrating. I cut through the clutter and recommend a different Internet station every month to my Recommended Station Supporters on Patreon. Every Internet station I recommend has good to excellent sound quality, streams reliably, and usually has some unique twist that other stations do not. My Recommended Stations will enhance your Internet radio listening experience.

In addition to describing the station’s format and music, I bring you “the story behind the station”, covering the station’s history and bringing out interesting facts and trivia. Regardless of your music preferences, you will enjoy learning about stations you might not otherwise have discovered on your own. For a free sample, check out the September Recommended Station posting on my blog.

I also spotlight what I call “Hitchhiker Stations” along with my Recommended Station. These are unusual stations that would likely not exist were it not for Internet radio. I call them Hitchhiker Stations because auditioning Internet radio stations is akin to picking up hitchhikers on the highway…you are never quite sure what you are going to hear when you select a station and stream it for the first time. Although Hitchhiker Stations are not stations you are likely to listen to on a regular basis, many Internet radio enthusiasts have found them to be as equally fascinating and entertaining as my Recommended Stations, if not more so.

If you like free, and who does not, you will find articles of mostly music-related topics on my blog. They will be posted when the mood strikes me…not necessarily every month. Hey, it’s free. For my Patreon supporters only I will sporadically be posting exclusive articles that will not be available on the free blog.

Thank you for visiting RecommendedStations.com. If you like what you find here, please seriously consider becoming a Recommended Station Supporter via Patreon and spread the word. If you know someone who loves Internet radio, or someone who owns an Internet radio and could use some listening suggestions, or who just loves music, please let them know about RecommendedStations.com. I know of no other resource like this on the web.

We may have different tastes in music, but I have yet to meet someone who does not like some type of music. If there is one thing in this world that unites us, it is music.

Stop Searching. Start Listening.

Peter Skiera


  • “I’ve really hit the gold mine with you… – so entertaining, with such intriguing finds.” – Jon T., Pennsylvania
  • “Many thanks…You are a treasure trove on where to find the streaming hidden gems.” – Fred B., CO
  • “Thanks for your always informative posts…” – Michael Z., Oregon
  • “…fascinating.  Kudos! I look forward to each new issue, especially those dealing with interesting/novel stations.” – Willie K., MA
  • “Thank you ever so much for sharing this piece of knowledge. Much appreciate the effort and value that you have expanded in searching for quality music.” – Jairaj R., Jamaica
  • “Your blogs and messaging/communication with your customer base is very impressive…” – Ron K., MA
  • “Peter, I enjoyed seeing all of your posts but especially [about W___]…How in the world did I not know about this station? I have been listening now at least 12 hrs a day…Just wanted to let you know that your interview and pictures were great.” – Donald C., Beverly, MA
  • “Thanks for turning me on to bit rates. Indeed, [Internet radio] does sound better at higher bit rates – I have just noticed this and had not known about this before.” – Chris S., Bali
  • “[Recommended Stations]…an idea whose time has come.” – Bill M., San Francisco, CA

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